high quality drama-based services to business
"I admire the way you understand the issues we are trying to project so quickly and turn them into life so meaningfully. It is a real pleasure to work with you."
Nigel Benwell, Head of Executive Development, Lloyds TSB
"The drama exceeded our expectations in all these areas: its ability to captivate the audience was staggering; the ease with which the audience could identify with the characters - 'there but for the grace of God go I!'; the effectiveness with which it generated and exposed issues beyond which we intended: there was more in the script than even the experts expected."
John Constable, Partner, JLT Risk Solutions Ltd.
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We provide high quality drama-based learning and development services to business for leadership development programmes, personal development programmes, behavioural and communication skills, awareness-raising and the dissemination of important messages. We work direct to the client, in-house, and through third-party consultancies; and we produce our own videos for training.

We have a reputation for being able to work quickly to understand the issues and assimilate the brief, and produce scripts, scenarios and role play briefs that are sophisticated, complex and layered and which accurately reflect the culture of the client.