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Coaching Conversations Getting the message across isn't always easy for a manager especially if she or he is new to the job or if the message is a tough one. Our COACHING CONVERSATIONS courses are designed to give people the confidence to be effective communicators.

There are two ways in which you can use this offering. The first is within the conventional training room environment. People come and take part in a half-day workshop (we like to run two of these in a day, morning and afternoon, to make it more economical for you). They bring with them a conversation that they would like to work on and have the opportunity to rehearse it in a concentrated session involving focused feedback from AIM's role player-facilitators and observer colleagues. People find this experience extemely rewarding.

The second way has been created to save you time and money by dispensing with the need for training rooms and time away from the office. Simply call us and we'll come to you. For more information click on the image to the right and view the pdf.
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